The "Make Fracing Great Again" Story

Fracing has revolutionized the oil and gas industry, unlocking shale plays across the U.S.

As the industry continues to refine its understanding of frac jobs out in the patch, we’re here to provide independent laboratory services giving you the detailed data you need on the sand going into your fracs. Our lab is capable of processing raw sand samples from the mine to refined products ready to pump and anything in between.

Would you buy a home without first an inspection?

Neither would we! Our “Test Before You Pump” services can be used to provide 3rd party validation of sand on-site. All reports are certified by a professional engineer. Our testing and analysis will provide you important data points to use in comparing your frac jobs.

What’s in your 100 Mesh?

All sand is not created equal, and we’re here to help you understand why the “same” frac design could yield outlying results.

Lonquist Mesh Score

The Lonquist Mesh Score provides a single point of comparison for particle size distribution. For example, sands spec’d as “100 Mesh” could differ drastically in particle size distribution as shown below.

(click each image to see an enlarged version)