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Fracing now fuels more than half of U.S. hydrocarbon output! Join us in celebrating the technology that continues to unlock new energy opportunities and holding the oil patch to the highest of standards. With millions of pounds of proppant completing each well, we provide independent frac sand testing services to ensure your sand is up to snuff and give you important data points for future comparison. We'll even hold your sand sample in storage in case you'd like to further test down the road.

Test before you pump. Thank us later!

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Lonquist Frac Sand Services Opens Frac Sand Testing Lab in Edmonton, AB

EDMONTON, AB, May 9, 2019 – Lonquist Frac Sand Services is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of their new frac sand testing laboratory in Edmonton, AB. Lonquist Frac Sand Services has been providing testing services to the sand, aggregate, and evaporite mining industries since 2011. The frac sand testing services meets API and ISO standards. Following the acquisition of Global Energy Laboratories in 2018, Lonquist decided to expand frac sand services to the Canadian oil & gas industry by opening a new lab in Edmonton.

“We are excited to offer frac sand testing services to the Canadian market,” said Steve Pattee, Vice President of Lonquist Frac Sand Services. “We have been helping sand and aggregate producers, as well as land owners and developers, determine the quality and extent of sand resources globally for years now. Now, these services are available to the Canadian aggregates industry as well as oil and gas producers.”

Unlike other testing labs in Canada, Lonquist Frac Sand Services is a testing lab dedicated to frac sand quality testing and specification determination. Offering 24-hour turn-around on pre-frac and post-frac confirmations, Lonquist Frac Sand Services is set up to provide operators with rapid results without having to contend with customs issues often encountered when sending samples to the United States for testing.

Lonquist Frac Sand Services also provides geotechnical assistance in the collection of samples in the field. Lonquist geotechs and professionals have extensive experience coring hundreds of holes using sonic drilling technology, split-spoon sampling, and other methods, to collect sand and sandstone samples in multiple locations across North America.

Lonquist & Co. provides diversified engineering, geologic and testing services throughout its eight North American offices including Austin, Houston, Denver, Wichita, Baton Rouge, Calgary, College Station and Edmonton.


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